Fear of Thunder: – Astraphobia, fear of thunder, is extremely common in dogs. This fear can differ from dog to dog. Some may have a light fear of thunder. During this case, a dog trembles slightly or one may notice flattened ears, wide eyes, and a tucked tail during a thunderstorm. Some dogs may even have a severe phobia which makes them to cover, become destructive, or they lose control of their bowels or bladder. Dogs with astraphobia may or might not be scared of other loud noises. Many dogs have a general noise phobia. They become fearful once they hear thunder, fireworks, loud music, trucks driving down the road, and so on.

Fear of Fireworks: – Another common dog phobia is that the fear of fireworks. Almost like the fear of thunderstorms, the loud and unpredictable sounds and lightweight displays of fireworks make many dogs tremble in fear. This fear may even cause a dog to run away and become lost. For some dogs, slowly getting them wont to the sound of fireworks can eliminate the phobia. Dogs with fireworks phobia may have to be medicated with anti-anxiety medicines.

Fear of strangers: – A fear of strangers is analogous to a fear of men, but during this case, a dog could also be scared of anyone he doesn’t know. This will be a quiet difficult task to beat because it’s impossible to show our dog to simply accept each new person. It is important to let dog to go new people in his own time. Forcing dog to simply accept a stranger could make a dog to become aggressive.

Fear of Specific Objects: – Some objects which dogs ae afraid of are the vacuum, holiday decorations, a child’s toy, construction equipment, and more. Fairly often this kind of fear isn’t a big deal, as many objects can simply be removed. In certain cases, however, it is often problematic. as an example, if your dog refuses to steer past a statue outside your apartment house or if he turns into a trembling, anxiety-stricken mess whenever you would like to vacuum the carpet. During this case, we must slowly introduce our dog to things he’s scared of during a positive, happy manner.

By: Sanjana C.