Rescue A Pet

The people who dedicate their time to rescue are our heroes.

Rescue A Pet

Animals get injured more often than not, be it by accident or deliberate harm caused by humans. Just like us humans, animals also need love and affection when they get hurt and someone to tend their injuries. Good news is that it’s possible to for people to save injured animals by taking their proper care.

Here are five tips how:

  • Approach the animal carefully – It is important to reach them carefully because animals tend to get scared when someone approaches them hastily and more so when they are hurt. It is believed to be bad on their mental state as they are already traumatized and in pain because of the injury and seeing someone rushing towards them will make them more threatened. And a frightened animal can easily attack or hurt you. It is advised to approach any animal with caution and common sense or not do it if you are scared of the animal and call animal helpline instead.

  • Do not smother them – As humans we have the tendency to comfort people through hugs or a comforting touch on the back but we cannot do that for animals. Animals need their free space and more when they are hurt. Hugging and caressing them in such times will cause them more pain and mental condition could get worse.

  • Inspecting and handling the animal with care– Before going to the Vet it’s important to look for any cuts or injury that needs immediate attention. In case of any bleeding, first thing you need to do is stop it by applying a clean towel on the bleeding area, apply gentle pressure and get the patient to the Veterinarian as soon as possible. The right way to carry an injured animal is by covering them up with a towel. Muzzles, in case of dogs, can come handy and only the dog is not having trouble I breathing.

  • Transporting the animal– While taking the animal to the Vet it is important to keep it in a confined space rather than taking it openly just to avoid any further injuries or accidents.  An animal cage works well in this situation but if not, you can go for a box with good amount of ventilation.

  • Seeking professional help – Last but not the least, after everything you have done to comfort the animal and bring the situation under control you still must seek professional help. Take the animal to the nearest Veterinarian hospital, the doctor will analyze the wounds and inform you about its cause and treatment. The medications (if any) provided by the doctor should be fed to the animal regularly and possibly in the given time slot. Provide the animal with good amount of healthy food and stick to the doctor’s instructions regarding it.

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