Radium Collar

Radium collars on stray animals helps to alert drivers during low visibility.

Unfortunately, there are millions of stray animals out in the street, wandering about in search of food, shelter etc. It is there natural habitat but it’s also very risky especially during night time when vehicles are running over the streets at high speed. Sometimes because of extreme darkness and fog, animals on the road are not visible and get run over brutally. Such unprecedented accidents have become common for street animals like dogs, cats, cattle, etc. these days.

Isn’t it sad to see a puppy dead on the street or any animal for that matter, seeing them lie dead on the street is heartbreaking.

What can be done to prevent such accidents?

A radium collar is a solution to this problem. Radium glows even in the dark and reflects off the collar when the headlight is shone over it. Putting the collar on the animals will make them visible and save them from potential accidents.

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