We are beginning to see an increasingly number of homeless dogs and cats as many of our countrymen are not fond of keeping pets. It is all the more painful to see children teasing these poor animals and making their pathetic lives all the more miserable. “Millions of stray animals are suffering. They do not have enough food and water to survive. What can we do? We can feed them; we can protect them; we can safeguard them from harassment; we can provide them shelter; or atleast we can inform about them to the animal rescue teams or NGOs working for them. These can help them lead a peaceful lives.

Millions of stray animals die in car accidents, many die from hunger and many die due to natural hazards such as rainfall, cold climate etc. The saddest part is most of us never feel pain of those homeless souls. You can get radium collar bands to these stray animals, and this could highly reduce the number of accidents. Certain people used to throw stones at dogs or cats that are passing by. These cruel acts should be stopped at the earliest.

Animals are a gift from above for they truly define the words unconditional love! Yes, it is the high time to be the voice of the voiceless. Let’s stand together and protect them