Dear reader,
WIN Animal Lives Matter, in collaboration with Nanjil Anand Foundation is proud to present
to you this new venture. The fortnightly magazine was a collaborative effort of a passionate
team of individuals.
We decided that we needed to part from the conventional motivation behind a magazine to
offer our well-regarded patrons a more interesting and entertaining alternative to a regular
magazine. It is no secret that the sole purpose of a magazine is regarded to give content
covering a particular focus area of interest that is useful and engaging to peruse. We believe
we have accomplished both these purposes.
For those who are passionate about the myriad species that inhabit our planet, this issue of the
magazine is a go to. There is no dearth of wonderful and unique creatures inhabiting the
planet. However, due to human intervention these species are endangered and going extinct at
a rapid rate. As supposedly the most “sentient & sapient” beings that inhabit the planet, it is
our duty to protect these treasures of the earth.
We at WIN Animal Lives Matter have always been passionate about the protection of
animals through our outreach programs, volunteering and collaborative efforts with shelters.
To be able to reach a wider audience with our vision and mission for wildlife protection is a
matter of honour. Since the best medium to wield influence is the written word, the magazine
seemed to be the perfect idea to campaign for the cause of animal welfare through spreading
awareness about various species.
Each animal featured in this edition is unique, and has a valuable contribution to the
ecosystem within which it resides. We hope you are as moved by the myriad species of
animals as we were. Part of the motivation for the conception of the magazine was also
drawing attention and spreading awareness regarding the diverse wildlife under threat due to

human activity. It is the need of the hour to recognize the worth of our bio culture and hasten
to preserve it.
We hope we were able to achieve our goal.
Happy reading!