Are Humans really omnivores In way yes because we consume meat but unlike other omnivores/carnivores we are incapable in digesting raw meat, our body can only digest cooked meat so in a way we are also NOT omnivores. This “tag” has definitely become a subject of debate when it comes to veganism. If humans really were omnivores we would have animalistic instincts like hunting, using our claws and sharp teeth but since we don’t have that it is safe to say we are not a proper omnivore. Humans can survive without eating meat; they can survive by just eating naturally grown plants and live a lifestyle but still they choose the lifestyle that includes mass slaughter of animals every second because for most people the taste of the food is more important than eating healthy. But the question one needs to ask oneself is that – Is it worth it? Are your taste buds really worth the torture that animals go through?

Many people have this argument that our ancestors use to eat meat so it natural for us to eat meat, we are evolved that way. But if only evolution meant that, if something or someone is evolving it means they are heading towards change and becoming a version of it/them that fits better in society or atmosphere at that time. We have out grown our ancestors in every aspect of life, now we have education, technology etc and none of that was existent in the time of our ancestors. So why stick to the beliefs, norms and lifestyle of the older generation, even that has to evolve. Our ancestors were cavemen; they hunted for meat for the purpose of survival. They hunted and were hunted therefore were a part of the ecosystem. Their hunting was only meant for their survival, they didn’t massacre 77 billion animals every year and they didn’t make business out of animals. Then, the consequences were not catastrophic, that killing was natural, this killing is inhumane. It is true that Lord Krishna ate butter, Jesus ate fish and Lord Rama hunted but actions of our ancestors cannot justify what we do. We need to base our actions on reason and compassion and not be ignorant of the happenings around us.