Who feeds a hungry animal feeds his soul.

Feed A Pet

Food is a requirement for any living being. And if you have a pet it is expected of you to feed him/her religiously and routinely. Feeding is important but feeding the right food to sustain their health is more challenging.
Feeding differs from pet to pet and according to their age as well. Only few days old kittens, puppies, rabbits etc feed through their mothers but the unfortunate ones with no mother and are fostered by humans, should be fed with feeding bottles or dropper.
Adult pets can be fed either ‘concentrates’ which are high in energy value including fat, cereal grains and it’s by products, or ‘roughages’ including pasture, hays, straw, root crops, silage and corn- stocks, depending on the type of pet.

Tips on feeding your pet:

  • Feed smaller portions 2-3 times a day

  • Feed them in a separate room and provide time (around 15-20 minutes) for them to finish their meals peacefully.

  • If you have multiple pets, segregate their bowls so you will be able to note down how much each pet have eaten.

  • Feed your pets according to their body. If they are huge pets, feed them rich foods. If they are tiny, feed them light, grainy food.

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