• PETA is a pro-chicken meat : PETA have  sponsored  the scientist  Nicholas Genovese’s   who is researching on producing  meat without killing any animal. In this way, they will use stem animal stem cells to grow muscle tissue, just as it is now grown inside the bodies of animals.
  • PETA  is a part owner of seaworld : when seaworld sold 20 million shares of common stock in an initial public offering , PETA purchased a smallest number of share and speak and ask about some policy changes such as releasing the park’s captive dolphins and orcas into coastal sanctuaries.
  • PETA has break the record : PETA is responsible for the largest animal seizure in history more than 26,000 animals, after an undercover investigation into U.S. Global Exotics.
  • PETA VS NASA : In 2010, following a year of vigorous campaigning, NASA canceled its plans for a $1.75 million study, in which dozens of squirrel monkeys would have been exposed to a harmful dose of radiation.
  • PETA’S rescue workers on call 24/7: PETA’s  rescue workers operates on call 24/7 , everyday day and night to rescue the animals and save them from cruelty .

By Bhavna