The dessert area will not have much water and the animals living there have adapted accordingly to survive. These are some of the desert animals that many have no clue about. 

Desert Fox

Fennec fox is also known as the desert fox is native to the deserts of North Africa and Sinai. They are capable of surviving for a long time without water. These nocturnal species avoid the scorching heat of the day and cool themselves by radiating body heat like bats.

Addax Antelope

Screw horn antelope are native to Sahara desserts. These antelope having stunning visuals due to the presence of long twisted horns. Their coat colors vary through season and help them to adapt to the climate. They are capable of absorbing water from their diet and store for a long time and their coats are reflective and won’t absorb heat.

Deathstalker Scorpion 

This is a nocturnal, dangerous yet fascinating species of scorpion and is mainly found in North Africa and the Middle East. This species is extremely rare around the world and highly poisonous. Their venom is rich in neurotoxins.

Armadillo Lizard 

Lizards’ endemic to African desserts and the name come from their defensive position when they curl up and bite their tail. Their body consists of spikes known as osteoderms that give them the appearance of a tiny dragon. Along with that, it will reduce water loss.

Thorny Devil 

Thorny dragon is a lizard endemic to Australia. They are capable of changing hue according to their surroundings. They possess distinct and halting strides.

Rockhopper Penguins 

These are penguins found on the shorelines of the Southern Indian and the Atlantic Ocean. It is found of bounding than waddling and live-in nests or burrows among the tall grass. They have a distinctive appearance to other penguins with the presence of yellow feathers extending from bill to beck and straight black feathers over their head.