1. Animal cloning started on July 5, 1996, of a sheep named as DOLLY- the first mammal ever cloned successfully from an adult cell.
  2. It was born in Rosalin Institute in Scotland. Originally it was given a code – 6LL3; later the cloned animal was named after a singer and actress Dolly Parton.
  3. The scientist names as Hans Driesch was the first to clone animals in the late 1800s by splitting a sea urchin embryo. Hans Speman earlier had similar results in 1902 using a salamander, but was not a successful cloning.
  4. Earlier the experiment on cloning was done by using many animals like frogs, mice, sheep and cows, later Dolly became the first successful cloned animal.
  5. Why was dolly so popular, though she looked similar to any other sheep? Because she was the first sheep to be cloned using adult cell, rather than an embryo.
  6. This was a major achievement, but raised some issues later.
  7. In 2004, a mouse was cloned using a nucleus from an olfactory neuron, showing that the donor nucleus can come from any tissue that doesn’t divide normally.